Essential Chiropractic, Hurstpierpoint, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

The majority of a chiropractor's time is spent in individual consultations with patients. These consultations will involve diagnosis and treatment.

On your first visit:

  • A detailed medical history will be taken, including information on previous injuries, surgery, general health and lifestyle.

  • A physical examination will be performed, focusing on the area(s) of discomfort and posture, and noting ranges of movement.

  • X-rays will be taken and interpreted, when deemed necessary.

  • Neurological examination and other medical tests will be carried out.

The first visits normally take about an hour. Subsequent treatment visits normally take about 15-20 minutes, though occassionally longer may be required.

All consultations are private and fully confidential.

Chiropractors treat conditions using a range of techniques. We establish an appropriate treatment or management plan for each individual patient. These may include:

  • Performing adjustments of the joints of the spine and extremities using hands or specialist equipment.

  • Performing soft tissue therapies, including dry needling and trigger point therapy.

  • Educating and advising patients on rehabilitation exercises to aid long-term recovery, and techniques to ensure health is maintained.

Other tasks Chiropractors undertake:

  • Liaising with other healthcare practitioners, referring patients requiring other, specific, medical attention.

  • Undertaking of continued professional development (CPD) through case review, training, attending conferences and reading professional journals.