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Arm / Elbow / Wrist Pain

There are many causes of shoulder, arm, elbow and wrist pain. Sometimes it will only take one particular movement and you will instantly feel the pain. Other conditions such as frozen shoulder are slower to present themselves. Sometimes ligaments or muscles in your arm are overworked over a period of time by activities like sport, work or DIY. Conditions such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow are fairly common but treatable with chiropractic treatment.

Wrist pain can be caused by direct trauma or strain due to repetitive action, leading to muscle tightness or restriction in joint movement in or around your wrist or hand. A very common condition is “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” causing numbness and decreased strength mainly in the first and second finger. This is common during pregnancy.

The pain you feel may range from an annoying ache to acute pain that makes it hard for you to use the injured arm.

There are however other, less obvious causes of pain in your shoulder and along your arm. This pain is often caused by “referred pain” from the neck or shoulder. A prolapsed (slipped) disc can cause shooting pain down your arm as well as pins and needles. Whiplash injuries from motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of shoulder and arm pain. The pain may also be referred from nerves associated with the joints in the upper spine or muscle irritation (trigger points) on your back, which are particularly responsive to chiropractic spinal adjustments designed to treat such problems.

What can chiropractic do?

Your chiropractor will examine you and conduct diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is causing your shoulder or arm pain. Because the causes and the seriousness of different conditions are so varied, it is important to pinpoint the cause and begin the most appropriate treatment. He or she will discover if your problem is mild and transitory or serious and likely to trouble you for a long time. A broken bone cannot be treated in the same manner as bursitis or tendonitis. Arthritis and gout call for different care than pain originating in nerves supplying the shoulder and arm. Your chiropractor will decide which treatment will be best for you and if referral to a specialist will be necessary.

Chiropractic can be successfully employed to deal with so-called frozen shoulder, a severe inflammation technically known as adhesive capsulitis. Chiropractors are accustomed to relieving painful trigger points in the spine and shoulder region which are very common areas to find them. Chiropractors can help you modify your habits and lifestyle to protect yourself from arm and shoulder injuries and ailments.


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